Case Study: How Brands Have Successfully Leveraged CPM Advertising to Drive Sales


CPM (cost per thousand impressions) advertising is a popular form of online advertising where advertisers pay for every 1,000 times their ad is shown to potential customers. While CPM advertising is typically used for brand awareness and exposure, some brands have CPM advertising to drive sales.

One brand that has effectively used CPM advertising to drive sales is online retailer ASOS. ASOS used highly targeted CPM advertising on social , such as Facebook and Instagram, to reach customers who had previously visited its website but did not make a purchase. By retargeting these customers with personalized ads featuring the products they had viewed, ASOS was able to effectively drive sales and increase conversions.

Another brand that has seen success with CPM advertising is subscription-based service Birchbox. Birchbox used CPM advertising on various websites and social to target customers who were interested in beauty and skincare products. By showcasing the value of its subscription service through engaging and visually appealing ads, Birchbox was able to increase brand awareness and drive sales among its target audience.

Additionally, health and wellness brand Peloton has utilized CPM advertising to drive sales of its high-end fitness equipment and digital workout subscriptions. Peloton used targeted CPM ads on fitness and lifestyle websites to reach customers who were interested in at-home workouts. By highlighting the convenience and quality of its products and services, Peloton was able to drive sales and increase revenue through CPM advertising.

Overall, these case studies highlight the effectiveness of CPM advertising in driving sales and revenue for brands. By using highly targeted and personalized ads, brands can attract and convert potential customers, ultimately driving sales and achieving their business . As more brands continue to invest in digital advertising , CPM advertising will remain a tool for driving sales and maximizing ROI.